Poulin Building Materials


Poulin Building Materials wanted to be the first name to mind for customers – from first-time do-it-yourself buyers to professional contractors with major projects. In the competitive market of building materials, lumber, and tools, Poulin Building Materials was determined to stand out and build brand recognition and trust with the people in their local communities.


Social media is all but inescapable, with users checking big apps like Facebook and Instagram every day. To capture new and existing customers’ attention, Poulin Building Materials needed a social media strategy. In the online world of constant content overload, they needed an attention-grabbing, shareable, memorable presence that would stop the constant social scroll.


Patra knew a consistent, quarterly release of creative video ads would build the foundation of a superior online presence for Poulin Building Materials. Standing out from big-box and online competitors is the key. Relatable, engaging content delivered on a regular schedule kept Poulin’s local stores front of mind without getting stale or played-out.

The easy campaign waslaunched. We produced commercials that aired throughout New England thatinformed their audience that car shopping with Berlin City Auto Group wassimple and easy. The ads were fun and entertaining making for a memorable,sharable and engaging campaign that stood out from all of the other cardealership advertisements circulating during the campaign run.

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